Montessori Primary Training

CPD Training Programme to train to work with children in a Montessori Primary setting (age 6 - 11 years)

A unique programme written and run by Sarah Rowledge and Denys Lyne.   Sarah owned and ran Soaring High Montessori Primary School in Essex until 2021 and therefore has a deep understanding of Montessori teaching in the primary sector under Ofsted.  Sarah is now a Senior Lecturer at ARU (Anglia Ruskin University) delivering the Montessori Early Childhood Degree.

The course links seamlessly with the 0 – 6yrs training providing a really empowering, consolidating knowledge of the Montessori approach to education.

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This  CPD Training Programme is delivered over the academic year and the 23 day programme held once a month for ten months.

This course comprises the practical application of the Montessori Materials from the end of the foundation stage through to age 11, with awareness of the National Curriculum.  There are no written exams, no essays, just an in-depth look at the theory and materials used throughout the Primary educational journey. We round off with a practical exam where presentation skills and an awareness of the sequential ordering of equipment and cross curricular knowledge is required.

The course is divided up into various strands of learning, including Grammar, Language, Reading and Spelling, Mathematics, Calculations, Cultural Studies, Creative Studies and Theoretical Studies. At all times the students will be guided through the sequential order of presenting the materials, the presentations themselves and how to observe, plan, record and manage a primary aged group of children in a classroom bound by the Ofsted and the Primary Strategy document.

In order to complete this course you would ideally have the Montessori Foundation level and on completion all students would be able to work with children between 4 – 11 years in a Montessori Primary environment across all curriculum areas.

The cost is £2,750, which can be paid in instalments throughout. We require a £350 non-refundable deposit to confirm registration of a place. 

The course usually starts in October and exams are held in July the following year.