Run by Sarah Rowledge

Sarah Rowledge has over 30 years experience in both Montessori training and main stream education, Sarah can be employed for a days training that is personal and bespoke to the staff, parents or both in your setting.

We hold both workshops in setting and online.

Training Days start from £360 for a 2 hour workshop up to £1,000 for a full day (9-4pm with an hour lunch break) plus expenses include:

For all Nursery & Primary Settings:

Positive Language

Supporting you and your staff to communicate effectively with the children in your setting, maintaining the ground rules at the same time as ensuring their emotional security.

Peer on Peer Observation

This workshop looks at effective adult to adult communication leading to the required peer on peer observations in your setting being an effective tool. Staff will leave feeling confident in delivering factual, supportive feedback.

Characteristics of Effective Learning and Sustained Shared Thinking

Over the course of the days training staff will gain a deeper understanding of CoEL and how to have meaningful interactions with children, challenging them and supporting their development.

All areas of Montessori Curriculum

You select which area of the curriculum you would like your staff to revisit and I will immerse them in the theory, the materials and the way in which they support the children’s progress.

Foundational Literacy Skills

The children in are care are arriving so much younger and there are a huge amount of games, exercises and materials that can be introduced before they even touch the Insets for Design or the sand paper sounds.

Preparing a Mathematical Mind

To ensure that the children in your setting can springboard graciously on to using the number rods and all subsequent equipment, immerse your staff in this training that sets the scene for bringing together counting by rote, counting objects and recognising numerals in the environment.

Montessori – The Great Lessons

During the course of this day you and your staff will gain comprehensive knowledge in how the Great Lessons embrace all areas of the national curriculum (Science / Biology / Geography / History) in a more holistic approach, how to implement them in your setting and how to tackle the subsequent Key Lessons.

If the training you are looking for is not listed here please contact to enquire further.